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PowerBliss is much more then just TV subscription services.  We have been into the live entertainment and property rental business for more then 10 years.  Our  "Ask The DJ" is our song request service during your party.  Our "WillardZ Rentals" is our California base property for short and long term rentals and party facility.  To reserve some our services click on the Appointments & Booking Services button and to view are rentals click on the Rental picture.

** Ask The DJ **


Make your song request by click here and it goes right to the DJ! 

This is only available during a live set!!

** WillardZ Rentals **


We properties for short and long term rentals and a facility parties.

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PowerBliss has been in the entertainment and pro audio/visional business for over 20 years.  We take the up most pride in giving great services.


We maintain making your booking process fast, easy and affordable.

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